The Resistance Cookbook: Nasty Women and Bad Hombres in the Kitchen

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The Resistance Cookbook: Nasty Women and Bad Hombres in the Kitchen, edited by Joan Berglund and Pamela Lowell, features 100 recipes contributed by members of Action Together Massachusetts, the state-wide social and political action organization borne out of the results of the 2016 Presidential election.

Served with a generous helping of humor and seasoned with personal anecdotes, the cookbook gives readers a chance to reflect on the political and cultural changes of the past year, while enjoying such dishes as Comey Testimony Minestrone, Conspiracy Cake with Indictment Icing, and Impeach Mint Mojitos.

For more information, please visit our website, and follow us on Twitter @ActTogetherMA and @ResistCookbook, on Facebook @ResistanceCookbook, and on Instagram @ResistanceCookbook.

#Resist. #Persist. And cook on.

Apps and Alternative Snacks illustrated drawing of a bag of chips labeled "Alternative Snacks" and a plate of "Mitch McConnell Deviled Eggs"

Host a Resistance Cookbook Party!

 Plan a night of laughter, friendship, action, and deliciousness!

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Hosting a Resistance Cookbook Party is not your typical house party. We help you bring the work of critical grassroots groups across the country into your home (along with your friends) so you too can make a difference.  More than just an amazing collection of recipes from 100 fellow activists, the Resistance Cookbook succeeds in mocking the current administration with humorous recipe titles and provides read-aloud quotes and photographs which are sure to provide a night of laugh-out-loud fun!

We invite you to share some of these recipes with your friends while taking action and helping to sustain grassroots groups whose work on the ground wins elections, changes policy, and builds power.

Twenty-five percent of the proceeds from sales of the Resistance Cookbook go to the Action Together Massachusetts Fund, which gives direct support to Black Voters Matter, New Florida Majority, BLOC Wisconsin, and Florida Immigrant Coalition. This fund was created with the help of Movement Voter Project (MVP).

 The 2018 wave is building, and it has to be the BIGGEST and STRONGEST wave we’ve ever seen. That’s why Movement Voter Project has created funds like the Action Together Massachusetts Fund so you can donate directly to the most effective grassroots voter organizations in the country that are mobilizing in critical battleground states and districts. To date, we’ve helped donors – big and small – move more than $5 million to 150+ organizations working on elections in 24 states.

Help build a gigantic wave!

In this packet you will find:

  1. Tips on how to have a successful Resistance Cookbook House Party
  2. Planning Timeline
  3. Host Talking Points
  4. Fundraising Tips
  5. Cookbook Order and Return Logistics
  6. Email Templates
  7. Social Media Graphics
  8. Example “Run of Show”
  9. Supply Check-list
  10. FAQs about MVP

Our team is available to answer any questions you may have and to assist you throughout the entire planning process and help you with follow-up afterward. Thank you so much. We couldn’t do it without you!

Contributions to Action Together Massachusetts, Inc. are not tax deductible, but they will make you feel good about contributing to a worthy cause.