Get Out the Vote Best Practices

Here are some proven strategies for helping to get people out to vote:

  1. Appreciate the impact elections have on the issues we care about, for example: redistricting, healthcare, women’s rights, voter accessibility
  2. Make a plan and have others do the same (time they will vote, date, place, how are they getting there, who are they going with) – those that make a plan are more likely to turn out than those that don’t have a plan
  3. Have a pledge for others to agree to – holding others accountable to a pledge increases turnout
  4. Verbalize (and commit) your reasons for voting, i.e.: I’m voting because my daughter’s life depends on medical care
  5. When trying to get people to vote, focus on physically getting someone to the polls instead of focusing on the candidates or the issues
  6. When discussing candidates and issues, if you and the voter are at opposite sides of an issue (and they are adamant in their stance), thank them for their time and move on – focus on those that are undecided when discussing candidates and issues