Action Item: Check the Accessibility of Your Polling Place

Is your polling place accessible? When you go vote this Tuesday, you can also check out your polling place to see if it complies with the requirements set by the ADA.

Note your findings – and if your polling place doesn’t comply, share them with your city councilor or select board member.

Some things you can easily check for:

  • Do inaccessible entrances have signage directing voters to the accessible entrance?
  • If voters are directed to an alternative accessible entrance, is this entrance kept unlocked during voting hours?
  • Are the walking surfaces within the voting area (and on accessible routes into the voting area) stable, firm, and slip resistant?
  • Is the door hardware for each door to the polling place useable with one hand without tight grasping, pinching, or twisting of the wrist?
  • If there is off-street parking, is there at least one designated van accessible space with signage with the International Symbol of Accessibility and designated “van accessible”

The full Polling Place Accessibility Checklist can be found here: