Action: Registration Status for Primary Election

FOCUS: Registration Status for Primary Election
GOAL: Verify registration is active, register those who need it
DEADLINE: August 15th, 2018


As we approach the Massachusetts Primary Election we are reminded of how important voting is to our democracy.  Every vote really does count. Across the country and in every state, even in Massachusetts, there has been a surge of voters marked inactive. Other people have been completely removed from the voter rolls.


1) Confirm that you are listed as active on your voter registration. Even if you have voted in the past you need to check here:

2) If you are not registered or if you need to update your name and/or address you need to do that here:

3) Please email or share this action item with 3 people you know (family, friends, neighbors etc) so they can also check their registration and/or register.

Registration (and confirming registration) deadline for the Massachusetts Primary Election is August 15th, 2018.


⅓ of all registered voters in Worcester are inactive

Somerset puts voters on inactive list