Four for the Fourth

Tomorrow America celebrates how our fledgling nation fought its way to freedom. But the fight didn’t end with independence in 1776 – in fact, it was just beginning.

Today the fight for freedom includes the rights of immigrants, asylum seekers, people of color, women, LGBTQ people, Indigenous people, all voters, as well as for the rights and health of our planet, including the air we breathe and the water we drink.

That’s why, this Fourth of July it’s time to commit to MORE.  MORE resistance actions — MORE phone calls, MORE marches, MORE visits to your local or federal legislators.  AND, it’s time to build the ranks of those who are actively fighting this cruel, dishonest and corrupt administration.

Four for the Fourth is our call to find FOUR people (or more, if you can!) who dislike what’s happening in DC or on Beacon Hill or wherever they live, but don’t take action beyond posting on social media or just complaining to you. Now is the time to help them find their voice.

Here’s how you can participate:

  1. Identify your Four for the Fourth
  2. Text/call/tell them “Hey friend! I’m seriously concerned about our country. I know you are too. Can we take action together this month to make a difference? I always feel better after I do something – wanna join me?” Asking them to join you gives them a choice, and creates accountability for them.

Once you know the Four for the Fourth you’re going to take action with, you can start a cadence of sending them a weekly encouragement and action text. Keep in mind that people need pretty easy points of entry. The best part of Four for the Fourth is you can help your friends see how acting on their values is actually doable – and it’s gratifying when you do it as a team! Maybe you send a funny bitmoji for encouragement after each action, or plan a night out together after you take a certain number of actions.

Here are some suggestions on actions to take together over the course of the summer (remember, start slow; try to offer a weekly action that meets them where they are on their activism journey):

  • “The most important vote of our lifetimes is this Nov 6.. can you put it in your phone as a reminder to be a voter? And don’t forget to add a reminder to vote in the primaries, which is Sept. 4 for MA.”
  • “Verify you’re registered to vote, and can you forward this to four of your friends?” Also you can download and register friends with this easy app:
  • “This great app makes taking action easy: install 5 Calls on your phone
  • Pick a “daily action” list with your friend and commit to following it. (Such as “Americans with Conscience” at or “Daily Action” at or “Rogan’s List” at
  • Share a daily newsletter with them to stay informed (we like Crooked Media’s “What a Day”)
  • If they’re in MA, get the ATMA app for actions! and use the invite code: 613-661-000
  • Donate to Sister District, the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, a local candidate, or any progressive org that addresses issues they are passionate about.
  • Co-host a postcard party
  • Follow like, share and donate to candidates all around the country, pick a district where friends or family lives and contact a local grass roots group or campaign there.
  • Download the TurboVote app that alerts you when there are upcoming elections in your area and what’s on the ballot.
  • Write a letter to the editor on an issue of their passion:
  • Host a house party or soiree for a local candidate or an issue where an organization would be willing to provide the content and help them make that connection.
  • Watch a training together from the Resistance School at Berkeley or Resistance School, and then use at least one new tool in a conversation or action in the coming week!
  • Have a “Resistance Party” where you make recipes from The Resistance Cookbook, read the funny quotes from the book and bask in self care that laughter and friends bring

Thanks for joining Four for the Fourth!  Now go watch those fireworks knowing you’re making a difference, and have a Happy Fourth of July!