Families Belong Together Remote Rally

We are so proud to share these fantastic stats of our wonderful, unifying Families Belong Together Remote Rally!

Image shows Families Belong Together Remote Rally statistics: 7,000+ Reactions 540 Comments 243 Posts 1,200 Members in 30 States & 21 Countries, Ages 18-96

What’s even more impressive and moving than these statistics are the people who participated in the Remote Rally. The admins were humbled to be a part of a group of strong and determined activists who participate in our democracy and the fight to make this country better for all despite what may be difficult personal circumstances, including the overwhelm and sacrifice that comes with a chronic illness or care giving.

The Families Belong Together Remote Rally allowed people who are normally sidelined to participate in a march and to have their voices heard. The stories they shared were compelling and heartfelt.

Everyone who posted, commented, and liked became a part of a community this past Saturday, forging connections beyond the virtual space. This world-wide community proved borders really are invisible and we are all connected in our fight for liberty and justice for all families.