Families Belong Together – Informing Your Friends and Family

So many people are appalled by the current forced family separation crisis on both sides of the political aisle. Perhaps you have a friends or family you normally disagree with, but you feel the same shock and horror at what is happening.

If you see people from your Facebook network posting about this crisis, please be sure to tell them about the nation-wide actions happening on June 30th. These actions are focused on the children. People should feel free to participate regardless of how they feel about other immigration policies.

You can send them this link (https://act.moveon.org/event/families-belong-together/) to find the action closest to them. Better yet, search right now for your relative’s or friend’s zip code and send them the info for the march closest to them.

Just because this information is all over your groups and news feed doesn’t mean it’s all over theirs.

Action Together Massachusetts is working hard on several fronts to ensure the widest possible turnout at Families Belong Together marches and rallies in DC and here in the Bay State. We’re organizing buses from MA to DC while planning/sponsoring both the Boston march as well as other local marches.  See this page for full event details.