Action Item: Support Extreme Risk Protective Order Bill H.3610

Take a minute to help save a life through a call or email to your MA State Legislators TODAY

The Massachusetts Joint Committee on Public Safety must make a decision on the extreme risk protective order bill, H.3610 by Sunday, April 15th. You still have time to email or, even better, call your representative with your support of the bill.

This life-saving legislation would empower family members and law enforcement to seek a protective order requiring the removal of guns and suspension of gun licenses when an individual is determined by the courts to post an extreme risk to themselves or others.

The legislation, modeled on existing laws in Connecticut, California, Oregon and Washington State, would directly address the two primary forms of lethal gun violence in Massachusetts, suicide and homicide, and allow for meaningful intervention before a dangerous individual can become the next mass shooter.

Let’s make ALL of our communities safer by passing the Extreme Risk Protective Order Bill.

Please contact [your Representative], using the following message:

“My name is ____ from ____. I urge you to vote in support of H3610 when it comes forward for a vote in the House. Further, please urge your colleagues on the Joint Committee for Public Safety to report the bill out favorably so that it can continue on it’s path to become law.”

How many of us will make our voices heard on this? Please write “done” after your call/email and tag other friends to make sure they know about this. Let’s see what ATMA can DO!!