Go Vote! Municipal Elections in Massachusetts Week of March 5, 2018

Voter alert! The following towns and cities in MA have municipal elections during the week of 3/5/2018:

LEXINGTON – 3/5/2018

ORANGE – 3/5/2018

PETERSHAM – 3/5/2018

ATTLEBORO – 3/6/2018 (primaries for special election for state representative)

BELLINGHAM – 3/6/2018 (special election on marijuana dispensaries)

MEDWAY – 3/6/2018 (special election on marijuana dispensaries)

SAUGUS – 3/6/18

WELLESLEY – 3/6/2018

WESTBOROUGH – 3/6/2018

BEDFORD – 3/10/2018

When you get the date, add the date to your calendar to VOTE.  Contact 5 neighbors/friends in your town and remind THEM to vote.

To see who is running, if it’s not on your town website check out League of Women Voters to find out who the candidates are.

If your town’s deadline is not listed, click here for a spreadsheet of municipal elections in Massachusetts. Some cities/towns do not have information available online; if you have information to contribute, please email it to jennylee@actiontogetherma.com.