MA Civics 101: What is a DTC Caucus? What is a convention delegate?

Democratic Town Committees may meet often in your town, or they many only meet once or twice a year.  The caucus is the official term for a meeting held in the window of Feb. 3, 2018 and March 4, 2018 for the purpose of electing delegates to send to the 2018 Democratic Endorsing Convention which will be held in Worcester on Friday June 1 and Saturday June 2.

Delegates are the people who vote on the candidates who hope to represent the Democratic Party in the upcoming election.  Alternates are on hand in case delegates are not available.  Committee chairs and elected officials also vote.  But delegates represent the Democrats in their towns.  If you are elected to be a delegate be ready for candidates or campaign to contact you asking for your support at the convention.  This is a good role for people who enjoy learning about candidates, if you hate hearing about positions or asking why someone would get your vote this is not the job for you!  Your community is depending on you to make an informed decision on their behalf.

Each town and city has a specified number of delegate seats (check yours here) the chair of the committee goes without being voted on, the number of delegates who are voted in is the second column, the last column is the number of alternates voted on.

You must be a registered Democrat to be a delegate or alternate to the convention, but you can register at your convention.

More information on what actually happens at the convention here.

More information on 2018 caucuses here. (Also listed under Resources)

More information on how to run for delegate to come very soon.