Good News Edition – December 2nd, 2017

Even today, we must have some Good News. Especially today.

If you’re just waking up and haven’t checked the headlines yet, I regret that I must begin this Good News Edition with the harrowing fact that the GOP managed to pass their abomination of a tax scam in the wee hours of this morning. About 500 pages that no one was allowed to read, packed with personal favors and bribes to secure the votes of reluctant Republican senators, this atrocity of greed and cruelty is the least liked piece of legislation in history. I don’t have the heart to go into all the awful crap the GOP crammed into their bill, including giving fetuses personhood (you know, for tax purposes), allowing oil drilling and fracking in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge, a special break for Michigan’s Hillsdale college (a pet of Betsy DeVos), and other insanity. It’s all just too gross.

BUT … we’re not giving up yet.

No, seriously. The proverbial fat lady hasn’t sung yet. Sure, she’s warming up, but she cannot take the stage just yet. Now that the House and the Senate have passed their respective bills, they must go into reconciliation to try and hammer out the differences. Vox did a piece that compares some of the major differences between the two versions of the bill. And, after that, the whole mess still need to be signed by 45 … and who knows what will be happening in the Oval Office by the time Congress gets themselves sorted out. I mean, what with Mueller following up his Manafort Monday with Flynn Friday. Who knows, indeed?

ALSO … there’s another time bomb ticking in the GOP’s ear: The Alabama race between accused pedophile Roy Moore and his Democrat challenger, Doug Jones. If Jones can take the race (which happens on December 12th), that could very well shift the balance of power in the Senate in a big way. (If you’d like to get involved supporting Doug Jones, you can:

So, if you’re feeling down this morning about the tax bill, go ahead and cry into your coffee a little. We get it. But don’t give up. Turn your frustration, disgust, and fear into anger and get to work. Make some noise. Make a lot of noise. Speak out against the tax bill, support Doug Jones. We can still make a difference.


In local good news:


Planet Earth:


There’s also some good news on the elections front.


And here’s what’s happening on the social, civil, and economic equality and justice front: 


We’re also hearing some promising news on the Russia investigation front:

  • Of course, the best news we’ve had all week is the announcement that Flynn has copped a deal with the Mueller investigation … and it appears to be a pretty sweet deal, which indicates he’s giving Mueller a lot of really good dirt on the higher ups. A Vox headline cheekily leads with, “I’m confident Flynn is singing like a bird to Mueller.” – 9 legal experts on what Flynn’s plea deal means for Trump. Oh, boy. Let’s hope they’re right!
  • More on the situation from The Atlantic: Michael Flynn Pleads Guilty to Lying to the FBI – The former national-security adviser is the fourth Trump-campaign official to be charged in Robert Mueller’s inquiry into Russian interference in the 2016 election.


And in miscellaneous, fun, and slightly snarky good news:


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