MA Civics 101: How did your rep vote?

We hear a lot about ‘call your rep to vote Yes/No on Bill XX’ but how do you know how they actually voted? What you’re looking for is the Roll Call, the list of how each person voted.

These are posted online as part of the daily Journals for the House and the Senate. The votes don’t include the titles of the bills so you need to know the number. In this example we’ll use the ACCESS vote in the 2017-18 Session.

1. Go to and search for the bill number, H.536.

2. Under Bill History it lists actions, and the final action says to see H.4009. Click on that new number.

3. On that new page, under list of actions it says ‘Passed to be engrossed.’ This means that it has passed one branch, and gives the YEA and NAY numbers, but not specifics. Take note of the Supplement number; for ACCESS it was No. 279.

4. Now go to and in the box for Roll Call Number put in the supplement number.

5. A single page will download showing the yes and nos for the bill!


Now you know how to see how MA legislators voted on a bill!

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