Action Item: Contact the Committee about Gun Legislation

FOCUS: Support common sense gun safety legislation in Massachusetts
GOAL: To get the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security to bring common sense gun safety bills to the floor for a vote; and to get them to table NRA-sponsored bills that would hinder AG Healey’s ability to maintain gun safety within our state.
DEADLINE: As soon as possible. The hearing takes place Thursday November 16th at 11am.   



Massachusetts is regularly ranked both among states with the strictest gun laws and with the lowest amount gun deaths. Our Attorney General Maura Healey has used these laws to prosecute illegal firearms in our state. The Joint Committee on Public Safety is holding a hearing on several bills related to gun safety, some that need our support and some that need our opposition.

The following common sense gun safety bills need our *SUPPORT*:

  • S.1292  “An Act Relative to Data Collection on Multiple Gun Purchases”
  • H.1283 “An Act relative to universal background checks for private gun sales”
  • S.1298 “An Act relative to firearms and firearms violence”

Note: These bills would close loopholes in the background check system and collect data to prevent firearm trafficking.


The following NRA-supported bills need our *OPPOSITION*:

These bills would lift the Massachusetts ban on silencers, except in the commission of a crime. (See in additional info three Op-Eds written by MA police chiefs in opposition to this bill.

  • H.1296 “An Act relative to constitutional rights”

This bill would prohibit cities and towns from passing any laws regulating guns.

Both of these bills would strip AG Healey of her power to prosecute illegal guns.

(See additional info how these bills would affect AG Healey’s work.)



STEP 1: Email the members of the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security with a list of the bills you support and the bills you oppose. Please share any personal stories in addition if you have them.

STEP 2: Send a copy of that email to your State Representative and State Senator.




Photo Credit: Ajithpoison Flickr via Compfight cc