Action Item: Automatic Voter Registration for MA

FOCUS: Elections/Voting
GOAL: Bring H.2091—Automatic Voter Registration—to a vote
DEADLINE: Ideally lunchtime Monday, Oct 30th, but ongoing until a vote



Today’s call to action comes from our legislative partner, Lift+Every+Vote 

The MA Legislature has a bill that would enact Automatic Voter Registration, it has had a hearing and is still in chambers. Oregon has already enacted AVR and other states have passed it, time for Massachusetts to join in. This bill would secure voter rolls because information is more easily verified and less likely to be misread or entered incorrectly. Voter rolls stay updated when you move within the state, ensuring that moving doesn’t disrupt your ability to vote. It reduces bureaucracy and is much more cost effective than paper registrations.



  1. CALL – we want reps to support the bill AND to push for a vote Find Your House Representative’s Phone
  2. WRITE – we want reps to support the bill AND to push for a vote Write Your House Rep a Letter
  3. TWEET and retweet #AVRinMA and if you have space, #mapoli, @SpeakerDeLeo, or Your Rep’s Handle. There are great prewritten tweets at

General Tweets:

  • Automatic Voter Registration is a proven solution to create fair, accessible, and secure elections. #AVRinMA #mapoli
  • Why #AVRinMA? It’s simple: we want elections to be more inclusive, accurate, and secure. Contact your reps today!
  • Automatic Voter Registration makes our elections better for all. We need your help to get it to a vote! #AVRinMA
  • MA’s AVR bill would join us with ERIC, an interstate program that checks data to make voting more secure. #AVRinMA

Halloween Tweets:

  • Ghosts, ghouls, and goblins are scary. Registering to vote shouldn’t be. Let’s pass Automatic Voter Registration! #AVRinMA #mapoli [TAG YOUR REPRESENTATIVE]
  • Registering to vote shouldn’t be scary. Let’s pass Automatic Voter Registration this fall! @SpeakerDeLeo @SenStan #AVRinMA #mapoli [TAG YOUR REPRESENTATIVE]
  • Registering to vote shouldn’t be tricky–Automatic Voter Reg. will make it a treat. Pass H.2091 soon @SpeakerDeLeo @SenStan #AVRinMA #mapoli
  • Let’s make sure Election Day is less frightening than Halloween! #AVRinMA makes our elections more accurate & secure @SpeakerDeLeo @SenStan
  • As the leaves change color, we have the chance to make change, too. Automatic Voter Reg. will better our elections #AVRinMA [NOTE: TAG YOUR REPRESENTATIVE]




(Image source: Common Cause Massachusetts)