Action Item: Support and spread awareness of efforts to adopt Indigenous People’s Day

FOCUS: Indigenous People’s Day
GOAL: Support and spread awareness of efforts to adopt Indigenous People’s Day


The movement to adopt Indigenous People’s Day on the second Monday of October is meant to correct an inaccurate historical perspective and to honor Indigenous Peoples from the Americas. Among US cities, “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” was first adopted by the Berkeley, CA City Council in October 1991 and celebrated in 1992.

In Massachusetts, Amherst, Cambridge and Northampton currently recognize the Indigenous People’s Day.


There is a group organized to call for Massachusetts cities and towns to adopt this holiday: Indigenous Peoples Day Massachusetts. They have already successfully campaigned for IPD in Cambridge (2016).

An Indigenous Peoples Day resolution will appear in the Brookline MA Town Meeting Warrant for the November 14, 2017 Town Meeting, which residents are welcome to attend or watch on Brookline Access Television. See more on the Brookline MA Indigenous People’s Day Facebook page.

In Boston, they are working to abolish Columbus Day and instead celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day. You can get more information on how to help this effort at the IPD-MA website, including signing their petition and liking and sharing their facebook page.


Columbus, your ship may have sailed: Indigenous Peoples Day picks up steam

Amherst first Massachusetts community to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day

Columbus Day now Indigenous Peoples’ Day in Cambridge


1. Reach MOCs via the Capitol Switchboard: (202) 224-3121
2. Look up your elected senators and reps.
3. Use Faxzero to send free faxes from your computer to your Senator or Congressperson.
4. Use Resistbot to send faxes to your senators right from your phon.: Text the word “RESIST” to 50409.


Photo Credit: Jacob Anikulapo on Flickr