Good News Edition – August 12, 2017

Is it really mid-August already?!? Boy how time flies when the world is crumbling around you.

I’m just kidding. Sort of.

There’s no denying that these past six+ months have been tumultuous (and that’s putting it lightly), but – thank goodness! – there’s always some good news to balance out the never-ending stream of nightmare-inducing headlines. While some of my friends have been – with only the best of intentions – posting articles about what to do in case of a nuclear attack (thanks for the tips, guys!), I’ve been doing my best to keep an eye out for slightly less horrific stories. You know – something that might help me remember the good parts of humanity.

Here is this week’s collection of such stories – sourced and curated for anyone else out there who might need a little virtual hug.

Oh! Also … a humble PSA: This fight is hard. It’s a marathon of emotional and intellectual rigor that’s a completely new (and exhausting) experience for many of us. It’s overwhelming, soul crushing, and crazy enough to make you wonder if maybe you’re the one who has lost your mind. PLEASE … give yourself a break now and then. We love you. We need you. BUT, stepping away for a breather is the only way you will be able to keep your strength up. It’s like they say on planes – please put your oxygen mask on first. Seriously. Do that.

I just returned from a trip to Los Angeles. It was my and my daughter’s inaugural mother/daughter trip, and it was a blast. For an entire week, I focused all my attention on being in the moment with her – exploring and having fun. I didn’t read a single article or watch a single news cast. It was glorious. Of course, my re-entry into the fray has been difficult, but I do feel energized and more capable.

So, if you can, please take a break. Do whatever feeds your soul so that you can come back into the fight fresh and full of passion. We’ll be here when you get back. Promise.


In local good news:


Planet Earth:

  • It’s a fight that seems unending, but as the powers that be work to determine the fate of the Keystone XL pipeline, activists descend on Nebraska to stop it from destroying the natural landscapes and ecosystems.
  • JPMorgan Chase announced plans to switch its Texas facilities to 100 percent renewable power by 2020, including 584 branches and will install solar panels on 1,440 bank branches and commercial buildings worldwide.*
  • The Court of Appeals for D.C. ruled against the Interior Department’s decision to de-list the gray wolf under the Endangered Species Act.*
  • Attorneys Generals from 15 states petitioned to join the lawsuit to overturn the EPA decision to delay rules for reducing smog-causing air pollutants. One day after getting sued by the 15 states, the EPA reversed its decision to delay implementing the rules.*
  • Despite Paris announcement, the president still wants to take part in climate talks.
  • Nations begin talks to protect fish in the open seas.
  • Five national monuments retain their status and will not be developed.


There’s also some good news on the elections front.


And here’s what’s happening on the social, civil, and economic equality and justice front: 


We’re also hearing some promising news on the Russia investigation front:


And in miscellaneous, fun, and slightly snarky good news:


AP Photo


* Hat tip to What Went Right (WWR)
Hat tip to Jen Hofmann


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“Planet Earth”: From Morguefile
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