ACTION ITEM: Support Civics Education in MA – Never a Better Time

FOCUS: Education
GOAL: Show support for S.215 An Act to promote and enhance civic engagement and the corresponding House bill, H.2016



It’s more important than ever to educate young people about our history and about how our government works. With 45 addressing the Boy Scouts of America in an appalling fashion, and the proper process and protocols of our Congress being decimated by a vindictive GOP majority, it is painfully clear that we need to inspire and educate a different kind of leader in upcoming generations.

That inspiration may start at a young age, when kids learn about civics in school. This bill ensures that the students of Massachusetts are engaged in civics studies and projects. Education is always critically important, but never more so than in times when corruption and malignant manipulation of our government systems is threatening our democracy.

One of our members recently spoke with someone at Senator Chandler’s office about S.215, and learned that it is still in the Joint Committee on education. It is there along with the corresponding House bill, H.2016.

For some context about the bill, here’s a statement from Representative Campbell (shared on the League of Women Voters, MA Facebook page):

Civics is defined as the study of the rights and duties of citizenship. To simplify, it is the understanding of how our government works and how someone can be an active and engaged citizen. In 2010, two-thirds of students had scored below proficient on the national civics assessment and no significant change has occurred since. This is why I have filed a piece of legislation, H.2016, An Act to promote and enhance civic engagement, which aims to establish a civics project based education requirement for students who attend public schools in Massachusetts.



The aide at Chandler’s office said people can absolutely send testimony to the committee. He said it’s best to send it in a word or PDF, address it to chairs and explain why you think these bills are important.

You can call or email your support and stories to members of the Joint Committee on Education:


And, of course, please feel free to reach out to your own legislators and encourage them to cosponsor and advocate for this common sense bill. 



Photo Credit: Charles & Rita Field-Marsham Foundation Flickr via Compfight cc