ACTION ITEM: Fight NRA-Supported Bills in the Statehouse

FOCUS:  Gun Control and Safety
GOAL: Help Maura Healey eliminate loopholes in state gun laws
DEADLINE: Calling Today – Hearing Tomorrow



After the 2016 Orlando night club shooting, Attorney General Maura Healey decided to clarify what constitute a “copy” or a “duplicate” weapon under our state’s assault weapon ban. There are two bills referred to the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security that seek to invalidate AG Healey’s work enforcing our state’s gun laws. The NRA is encouraging its supporters to push for these bills that would adversely affect our state and AG Healey’s work.


The two bills are:

  • S.1322 “An Act relative to the lawful sale of handguns”, which works to nullify many of the gun control laws in our state
  • S.1316 “An Act relative to the sale of firearms”, which would eliminate the term “copy” from statute, thus eliminating the premise behind AG Healey’s gun law enforcement



Option 1: Contact your State Representatives in opposition of S.1322 and S.1316.


Option 2: Write the members of the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security with your opposition to S.1322 and S.1316.


Option 3: Write House Speaker DeLeo and Senate President Rosenberg, both supporters of gun control, with your opposition to S.1322 and S.1316.


Option 4: Attend Tuesday, July 18th rally and hearing:

From the MA Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence:

Lobby Day rally: Rep. Linsky will be speaking about his “Extreme Risk Protection Order” bill. The aim of this rally is to gather all of our forces together in solidarity! After the rally, those who wish to testify will proceed to the hearing room to sign in.

As a reminder, the MA Coalition supports “Extreme Risk Protection Order” legislation filed by Rep. Linsky (Bill No. H.3081), legislation that would create a process for a court to order removal of guns when an individual has been determined to be an extreme risk to themselves or others. The MA Coalition opposes legislation backed by the Gun Owners Action League to legalize silencers in MA (Bill Nos. H.763 and H.789).

There is no requirement to testify at the hearing, although any citizen who wants to testify may do so, and we hope that you will consider signing up to provide testimony (if you wish to do so, please let us know so that we can coordinate). However, just your presence will make an important statement of support of the Coalition’s mission to reduce gun violence in Massachusetts! We will have stickers and t-shirts to show that you are there to support gun violence prevention. The hearing is likely to continue into the evening, so please plan accordingly.

To reiterate, we need Gun Violence Prevention supporters to show up for the rally, and to fill the hearing room, sending a clear message that MA citizens want to strengthen, not weaken, our gun laws!



Photo Credit: Ajithpoison Flickr via Compfight cc