ACTION ITEM: Keep the Pressure on the GOP re: Healthcare

FOCUS: Healthcare
GOAL: Keep building on the momentum and ensure that this latest GOP “healthcare” bill fails as miserably as the first
DEADLINE: ASAP – We’ve made good progress, but this isn’t the time to let up.



The incredible team at Indivisible has created multiple tools and resources that make speaking your mind on this critical issue super easy:

It’s critical that you’re showing up and that when you’re not showing up, you’re calling your Senators every single day. All you need to pressure your Republican Senators, including DAILY scripts and new materials, is on our website.  Need more background materials? We’ve got ‘em for you here:



You already know why we need to stop this devastating bill from pushing millions of people off health insurance, not to mention all the issues around pre-existing conditions and the very real risk of insurance and healthcare costs rising to previously unseen heights. Here, however, are a few recent articles that may give you some hope and – we hope – also inspire you to keep pushing ahead, speaking out, and putting the pressure on politicians who are putting party above country and letting a desire for vengeance and partisan “victory” drive their bad decisions:


Photo Credit: raisdata Flickr via Compfight cc