ACTION ITEM: Support Legislation to Have Police Carry EpiPens

FOCUS: Saving lives by ensuring that police carry EpiPen®
GOAL: Provide testimony in support of H.3591
DEADLINE: EOD, Friday, July 7th

Hearing scheduled for 07/11/2017 from 01:00 PM-05:00 PM in A-1



For anyone who knows how scary a life threatening allergy can be, we also know that first responders carrying EpiPens seems like a necessity. The truth is many police do not carry EpiPens that could save lives. Since police are often first on the scene and every second counts we know that something has to change. Seconds can literally determine life and death. Did you know that EpiPens can not always stop a reaction once it has progressed too far? Did you know that 50 million people suffer from allergies and that those reactions can change at anytime to include anaphylaxis ? We can do better!

Please lend your support to bill H.3591 “An act relative to police use of epinephrine Auto injectors.”



Item 1: If you or someone you know requires Epi-Pens for allergies please email your letter to no later than July 11th. He is collecting them to submit as testimony.

Item 2: Contact the Joint Committee on the Judiciary.




Photo from Consumer Reports article.