ACTION ITEM: Massachusetts Healthcare Reform Proposal

FOCUS: MA Healthcare Reform
GOAL: Urge legislators to reject certain elements of Governor Baker’s healthcare reform proposal that could reduce access to affordable coverage for low-income working families
DEADLINE: Urgent – lawmakers are trying to get this wrapped up before July 1



Today’s Action Item comes from Indivisible Somerville:

Please contact your legislators TODAY and ask them to urge the Conference Committee members to reject these aspects of the governor’s plan. You can also contact the Conference Committee directly at the numbers below.

  • Senator Karen Spilka (Senate Chair): 617-722-1640
  • Sen. Sal DiDomenico: 617-722-1650
  • Sen. Vinny deMacedo: 617-722-1330
  • Rep. Brian Dempsey (House Chair): 617-722-2990
  • Rep. Steve Kulik: 617-722-2380
  • Rep. Todd Smola: 617-722-2100



Also from Indivisible Somerville:

Let’s weigh in on Governor Baker’s health care reform proposal, which could reduce access to affordable coverage for low-income working families. It would disqualify many non-disabled people from MassHealth if they have access to employer-sponsored health insurance, leading to much higher cost sharing and forcing some families to forgo coverage because of its expense. The proposal would also move 140,000 non-disabled adults out of MassHealth and into the Massachusetts Health Connector, making it harder to access affordable care and putting dental care out of reach for many adults.




Photo Credit: Oliver Dunkley Flickr via Compfight cc