ACTION ITEM: Raise Up MA Hubdialer – Easy, Fun, and Effective!

FOCUS: $15 Minimum Wage | Paid Family and Medical Leave
GOAL: Let legislators hear your support for these important bills
DEADLINE: TODAY between 11AM and 3PM



From Raise Up Massachusetts:

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now – last week was a big week for Raise Up Massachusetts. We had the Constitutional Convention vote on the Fair Share Amendment and a hearing on Paid Family and Medical Leave, on back-to-back days!

After the Fair Share Amendment vote on Wednesday, the Amendment will officially be on the ballot in 2018! The Amendment was overwhelmingly approved, with 134 legislators voting in favor. This is huge news for our coalition, and it’s more important than ever that we capitalize on this momentum.



Riding the wave of these recent wins, the folks at Raise Up Massachusetts are asking people to make calls today in support of their campaigns (for a $15 Minimum Wage, the Fair Share Amendment, and Paid Family and Medical Leave). To make this fun and easy, they are hosting a HubDialer today, Wednesday, June 21st, from 11AM to 3PM.

To join the calls, simply visit and log in with the Campaign ID 08805 and the Passcode 171717.

Not sure what the heck a HubDialer is? Check out the Hubdialer website for a quick overview. Hubdialer is basically a platform that enables automated calling campaigns. When you log on, you’ll get to a campaign page that will automatically connect you with the relevant offices via your Internet-enabled computer or tablet. The page will also display a script and provide you a way to record the results of your conversations. It’s really the easiest and most effective way to make calls on behalf of a cause.