ACTION ITEM: Establishing Medicare for All in MA

FOCUS: MA Healthcare Laws
GOAL: Establish Medicare for all in Massachusetts
DEADLINE: Wed, June 21




From Mass Care: 

At the June Democratic Convention earlier this month, members of Our Revolution and their allies did a great job establishing a progressive agenda. Mass-Care is particularly pleased that single payer health care is a priority. But we need our legislators to act. We are trying to get as many Democratic legislators as possible to co-sponsor Senator Eldridge’s bill, S.619 Medicare for All, and so we have launched a 100 supporter campaign, so that each of our legislators, not yet on board, hears from 100 people. In that way we hope to put pressure on the Health Care Finance Committee to favorably report on the bill. Given that the public hearing is this week, it would be a great time to see a lot of support.



We are asking each of you to send an email to the following senators, within the next day or two, urging them to co-sponsor S.619, Medicare for All, and telling them why it is important to you. Phone numbers are provided, in case you prefer to call.

. 617.722.1291 617.722.1660 617.722.1500

This should take less than fifteen minutes, unless you want to greater detail regarding your concerns, which you are welcome to do. Do not worry if you are not a constituent. These senators need to hear from us. When you have completed the task, please send a brief email to with the names of the senators you have contacted, so that we can keep a tally.

Thank you!






Image Source: Mass Care Website