GOOD NEWS EDITION – Sunday, June 11th

It really feels like the first weekend of summer, doesn’t it? I mean, I know we’re still a few weeks from the official summer solstice, but the rising temps and appearance of the sun are giving us a nice preview. Everyone seems just a little more cheerful.

While you’re (hopefully!) soaking up some sun and enjoying a little down time, we thought we’d share a few happy headlines to help you keep those good-time vibes humming along, even in the midst of all the chaos and catastrophe that has become our new way of life since 45 took office. So, without further ado, we give you this week’s Good News Edition:

Planet Earth:

Let’s begin with some updates on what’s happening on the Paris Agreement front. In last week’s Good News Edition, we put a silver lining on 45’s decision to bail on this global agreement. This week, there are a few follow-up stories. For starters, there’s the IFL Science headline that the EU will ignore the White House and work directly with states on the Paris Agreement. Following this news, Hawaii got the ball rolling by becoming the first state to enact law that aligns with the Paris Agreement. Aloha!! Meanwhile, MIT doubled down on telling 45 to quit misquoting and misinterpreting their data, and Scientific American reported that governors are now facing pressure to distance themselves from 45 on climate change. Even leaders in the private sector are doing the right thing. ABC News reported that corporations – including Apple, Exxon, and Ford – are taking a stand against 45’s decision to leave the climate agreement.

There’s still a lot of work to be done, but the resistance is off to a great start: giving an irresponsible president a piece of its mind and deciding to move ahead without him.


In other happy environmental news:


There’s also some good news on the elections front.

We’ve all been a little wary of Fivethirtyeight since last November, but the statistical analysis site is – we hope – completely on track with it’s latest report that Democrats are over performing in special elections almost everywhere. According to the article, the trend is clear, “Democratic special-election candidates have improved their margins over Republicans relative to their district’s partisan lean by an average of 14.4 percentage points.” 

In other election-related news:


On the civil rights and criminal justice reform front: 



We’re also hearing some promising news on the Russia investigation front:

James Comey’s drove some serious ratings with his kicka** testimony, as nearly 19.5 million people tuned in (some from Comey-watching parties at bars) to hear what the ex-head of the FBI had to say. Not to be outdone, special prosecutor Robert Mueller had some moves of his own last week, assembling what GQ magazine referred to as a “murderer’s row of prosecutors” to support his investigation into possible ties to and collusion with Russia. One of Mueller’s most impressive picks is Justice Department deputy solicitor general Michael Dreeben … someone who should apparently give 45 chills.

And in miscellaneous, fun, and slightly snarky good news:


* Hat tip to What Went Right (WWR)

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