ACTION ITEM: Paid Family and Medical Leave Act

Deadline: End of the day, Monday 6/12

On Tuesday June 13th at 1:00pm, the Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development will be holding a hearing on S.1048 “An Act establishing a family and medical leave insurance program”, aka Paid Family and Medical Leave Act.

From NARAL Massachusetts:     “In Massachusetts, 1.2 million workers risk losing their jobs if they take time off work to take care of a family medical emergency or to care for a new child. As a result, Massachusetts workers often must choose between taking care of a child they love or keeping the job that puts food on the table. The Paid Family and Medical Leave Bill will allow these workers to take time to take care of their health or the health of a loved one without fear of losing their job, ensuring everyone in the state can have the financial stability and dignity they need to care for their families.”



1 . Write the Committee Members of the Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development with your support, as well as any personal stories you may have to support S.1048: * * * * * * *

*Co-sponsors of S.1048


2. Contact your State Representatives in support of S.1048


*Bonus Action*

Join a group hosted by Raise Up Massachusetts and attend S.1048 hearing at the Statehouse.

Also there is a bus heading to Boston from the south coast area with stops in New Bedford, Fall River. and Brockton. Email for additional info.






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