ACTION ITEM: Support the Safe Communities Bill – Hearing Tomorrow

FOCUS: Immigration

GOAL: Show support for An Act to protect the civil rights and safety of all Massachusetts residents, or the “Safe Communities Act”


DEADLINE: Today (Thursday, June 8th)

Hearing scheduled for 06/09/2017 from 10:00 AM-03:00 PM in A-1 & A-2


STEP 1: Email and/or call the Committee Chairpersons to express your support of these bills.
Senate Vice Chair: 
Michael O. Moore
House Vice Chair: 
Alan Silvia
House Chair: 
Harold P. Naughton
Bonus Points: Contact other members of the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security

Senate Members:

Michael D. Brady 617-722-1200 *

Sonia Chang-Diaz 617-722-1673 *

Michael F. Rush 617-722-1348

William N. Brownsberger 617-722-1280 *

Richard J. Ross (R) 617-722-1555

* Co-sponsors of the bills


House Members

Thomas P. Walsh 617-722-2676

Bruce J. Ayers 617-722-2230

James J. Dwyer 617-722-2220

Rady Mom 617-722-2460 *

Paul Tucker 617-722-2400 *

Juana Matias 617-722-2425 *

Chynah Tyler 617-722-2425 *

Bud Williams 617-722-2425 *

David T. Viera (R) 617-722-2230

David K. Muradian, Jr. (R) 617-722-2230

Peter J. Durant (R) 617-722-2060

* Co-sponsors of the bills

STEP 2: Contact your legislators to express your support of these bills and ask them to co-sponsor
STEP 3: Attend the Hearing
There is a hearing about the bill on June 8th, 2017 from 10:00 AM-03:00 PM in A-1 & A-2


This bill:

  • Protects the civil rights of all Massachusetts residents by making sure state tax dollars are not used to fulfill the xenophobic Trump agenda, and creates a consistent statewide policy for relationships between state officials and DHS.
  • Denies state support to any Muslim registry by prohibiting law enforcement agencies and the RMV from providing information to any federal registry based on national origin, religion, or other protected characteristics.
  • Ensures due process rights to anyone being detained for civil immigrations violations by requiring that detainees are informed – in a language they understand – that they have a right to decline an interview with ICE agents and to have their own attorney (at their own expense) present.
  • Uses state resources to prevent crime rather than break up families by making sure that state, local, and campus police do not participate in immigration enforcement activities (including investigations, raids, arrests, or detentions that are based solely on immigration status).
  • Promotes safer communities where victims and witnesses crime are able to call police for assistance. Most immigrant families in Massachusetts are “mixed status;” state and local law enforcement should not help to separate families through deportation.
  • Prohibits agreements with DHS that deputize local officers as immigration agents and use Massachusetts tax dollars to break up families.
  • Conforms to federal law and upholds the Constitution by ensuring the constitutional principles are upheld equally for citizens and noncitizens alike, without affecting police ability to arrest or detain a person in the course of a criminal investigation or prosecution that is supported by probable cause (the constitutional standard that applies to every member of the Commonwealth).

“Throughout our history, Massachusetts has led the way on civil and human rights. Today, we need to stand up for our core values once again. The Safe Communities Act would protect all state residents by guaranteeing that our tax dollars are not used to help deport immigrant families or create a Muslim registry.”




Photo Credit: Izaias Luís Flickr via Compfight cc