ACTION ITEM: Criminal Justice Action: S.777, “An Act to reduce the criminalization of poverty”

Deadline: *TODAY*


This afternoon, Monday June 5th, the Joint Committee of the Judiciary will be holding a hearing on the criminal justice reform Bill S.777 “An Act to reduce the criminalization of poverty”.

Bill sponsor Senator Brownsberger sums up the purpose of this bill in a post on his blog:

“The criminal justice system often makes it unreasonably difficult for people to recover from mistakes whether small or large.  This is especially true for people of limited means — the system often drags people deeper in by exacting unaffordable fees and fines and by creating civil disabilities that prevent people from working.”



  1. Due to the immediacy of the hearing, call the Judiciary Committee contact numbers to let them know you support S.777:
  • Senate Committee Contact Number: 617-722-1280
  • House Committee Contact Number: 617-722-2396


  1. Contact your State Representatives and tell them you support S.777:


  1. *Bonus Action*

Email the Committee Members and your State Representatives with written testimony and/or a personal story in support of S.777.

Here are the email addresses for the Members of the Judiciary Committee, including Bill sponsor Senator Brownsberger:

Additional Information Links:


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