Action: Oppose H370/H372 Relative to Voting Laws in Massachusetts

This action alert comes from our friends at Freedom North Shore:

Submit written testimony against H370/H372, both Voter ID bills, which, if passed, would result in voter suppression in the state of MA. Hearing at the State House on June 8, 2017 at 1PM in A-2.

Action: Email the Joint Committee on Election Laws and express your Opposition to H.370/H.372.* H370, authored by Representative Hill, would require voter identification in order to register to vote;  H372, authored by Rep. Jones,  would require presentation of an approved photo ID to vote.

“Voter ID laws reduce turnout among minority voters. Several studies, including a 2014 GAO study, have found that photo ID laws have a particularly depressive effect on turnout among racial minorities and other vulnerable groups, worsening the participation gap between voters of color and whites.”

*For the full action item – including emails for the Joint Commission on Election Laws and a template email to send, see Freedom North Shore’s Alert: H370/H372 Relative to Voting Laws in Massachusetts.