Action: End Child Marriage in MA (S.785/H.2310)

According to Nicholas Kristof’s op-ed in the NYT last week, Massachusetts allowed 1,050 child marriages between 2000-2010. It goes without saying that this is abhorrent and we can help! MA has introduced legislature to end this horrible practice.

According to, the bill has been referred to the Joint Committee on the Judiciary.

ACTION: Ask the Judiciary committee  to support An Act to End Child Marriage in MA (S.785/H.2310).

SCRIPT: Good morning. I am calling to urge the committee/[name] to support bills S.785/H.2310 and end child marriage here in MA.

“The United States has denounced child marriage in other countries as a “human rights abuse that contributes to economic hardship,” in the words of a State Department document published last year. Let’s listen to ourselves. State legislators must understand that child marriage is devastating in Niger and Afghanistan — and also in New York and Florida. It’s past time to end child marriage right here at home.” -Kristof

Additional Resources:
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