Hello, fellow resistance folks!

Happy Memorial Day weekend.

As we emerge from the wreckage of another crazy week in the alternate reality that some newscasters refer to pseudo-affectionately as “Trumpland,” I imagine you might feel a little worn down and beat up. We get it. Just reading the headlines (never mind the stories) can make your head explode.

There are, however, always some good news stories to be found; and this weekend post is where we share some of our favorites in the hopes that they will brighten your day and remind you that – while it may sometimes feel like it – all is not lost. Good work is being done. Battles are being won. And, there are still SO many kind people in the world.

Thanks and enjoy the weekend. We’ll see you on the other side!

Elections … we’ve had a few:

You might have also heard the news that Democratic candidate Quist lost to body-slammer-of-reporters and GOP-supported candidate Gianforte in the Montana race, and you might be disappointed. But, even that storm cloud has its silver linings:

In other news…

And here are a few items adapted from Jen Hofmann’s weekly “Action Checklist for Americans of Conscience.” You can sign up here: http://bit.ly/2gZuVZR … it’s free and it’s fabulous.

And, in other miscellaneous Happy News: