Action: Save the Internet! Protect Net Neutrality

These action tips are from our friends at

1. Sign the Freepress petition and share with friends through social media.
(Please note that while you can use the link suggested by John Oliver in the video on the Freepress page, there’s a break called the ‘sunshine period’ … around this Thursday’s FCC meeting … during which the FCC won’t be taking official comments. But, if you sign the Freepress petition, they will submit your comments when they will officially count.)

2. Help Freepress raise $100K in 100 days to help fund the fight to save the internet.

3. Call the FCC and let them know why you care about maintaining Title II protections for Net Neutrality.
Tel: 202-418-2000
(Best to wait until after the meeting this Thursday 5/18/17 so comments count for the official record.)

4. You can also find numbers and office locations for your congressional representatives (see bottom of this post) and contact them to let them know your stance and either praise or reproach them for theirs.

If you’re not sure what the Net Neutrality hubbub is all about, the segment from John Oliver gives you a pretty good overview in 20 minutes.

And, if video is not your thing, The Skimm put together a great guide.

Finally, there’s this long-but-entertaining piece from the LA Times: “A brief, strange history of net neutrality (including a ‘series of tubes,’ a dingo and James Harden).

The basic deal is that the Trump-appointed head of the FCC (Ajit Pai) wants to reverse regulations that keep huge telecom providers like Comcast and Verizon from discriminating against any content providers by pushing them through slower channels. It’s a classic David & Goliath story, and if the regulations are reversed, there’s a pretty good chance that individuals, small publishers (bloggers, etc.), and small businesses could suffer dramatically when the telecom companies give high-paying customers (like Netflix or certain media companies) preferential treatment while shunting the little guys into the slow lane.

– Vice News: The Republican plan to kill net neutrality could change the internet forever –
– WBUR (listen): Boston Tech Community Worries About Plans To Chip Away At Net Neutrality Regulations –
– Motherboard: Activists Prepare for Epic Fight Over Trump FCC’s Plan to Kill Net Neutrality –

1. Capitol Switchboard: (202) 224-3121
2. Link to look up your elected senators and reps:
3. Faxzero to send free faxes from your computer to your MOCs:
Fax Your Senator:
Fax Your Congressperson:
4. Resistbot: Type the word “RESIST” in a text message to 50409 to send faxes to your senators right from your phone.