Support Carbon Pricing Bills H.1726 and S.1821

From ClimateXChange:
“Economists on the left and right agree that putting a fee on carbon pollution is the most cost-effective way to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Such a charge would give energy producers and consumers a strong incentive to shift from fossil fuels to clean energy – while having the freedom to decide how to do so.

The revenue from the fee would be used as a rebate to put cash in the pocket of every resident – to spend as they choose. Part of the money could also be invested into clean energy infrastructure and transportation, giving the renewable energy economy a helpful boost.

There are currently two key bills in the Massachusetts legislature that focus on putting a fee on carbon pollution. Already, the bills have collectively received 79 cosponsors – more than one third of the legislature! Senator Michael Barrett’s An Act Combating Climate Change is the carbon pricing bill in the Senate, and Representative Jennifer Benson has put forth An Act to Promote Green Infrastructure, Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and Create Jobs in the House. The bills are largely similar, with a few differences as described below. After building a campaign around Senator Barrett’s carbon pricing bill last session, we have a solid foundation to work off of, and have high hopes for the bills this session.”

Here is the full list of cosponsors of both of these important bills. Don’t see your rep or senator? Give them a call and ask them to support carbon pricing! If your rep or senator already is a cosponsor, thank them!

Script: Good morning. My name is (name) I am calling to urge (name) to support bills H.1726 and S.1821 for Carbon pricing here in MA

If your legislators don’t support yet, you can also send them an email asking for their support.