Action: Stand Up To Hate in New Bedford MA

Recently New Bedford has seen a string of  anti Semitic graffiti. The mayor and Governor Baker have been mostly silent on the uptick. As we know generally anti Semitism has been on the rise during our current administration with many spurred on by the silence if the white house on the subject. We here in Massachusetts cannot and will not tolerate this kind of hateful vitriol. As a state we must ban together around our neighbors and make sure we never go backwards again.

What is one thing we can do today?: Call Baker and Mayor Mitchell and demand public statements that hate has no home in New Bedford!

Script: Good morning my name is (name) and I am calling about the recent anti Semitic graffiti in New Bedford. I am wondering if  (name) will be issuing a public statement? What other ways will (name) be supporting the community during this time?
IF NO:  I would like to encourage (name) to issue a public statement condemning these attacks and supporting our communities facing this kind of hate.

You can reach the Mayor here:  508-979-1410
You can reach Baker here: : 617.725.4005

Have an extra minute?: send an email to sheriff Hodgson asking for a public statement and for his full support in combating these  acts. You can reach him at