Action: Support Pregnant Workers Fairness Act – Polling Today 4/27 by 3pm!

Action: CALL TODAY by 3pm to support the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

CALL members of the Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development. Ask them to pass this bill and if you have a story related to the bill, please share it.

It is also helpful to call your own state senator and representative and ask them to support it.  To find out who that is, go to

Details: The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, Mass Senate Bill S.1023, and H.1038, would ensure basic, commonsense protections for pregnant workers, like more frequent/longer breaks, seating, temporary light duty if needed, time off to recover from childbirth, and a private space to pump breast milk after returning to work…all without negative repercussions.  We ran a call to action earlier on this bill with further information which you can read here.

According to Politico Massachusetts Playbook,The Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development is polling members on the Pregnant Workers Fairness bill with a deadline of 3 pm today, a House source tells POLITICO. House Speaker Robert DeLeo wants to send the bill to the House floor ASAP, following a deal between its backers and the business community last month. The bill would require companies to accommodate pregnant employees on a range of workplace issues; supporters say it’s a key anti-discrimination measure. House Chairman Paul Brodeur and Senate Chairman Jason Lewis are helpfully reminding members that their recommendation on the bill is “ought to pass.””