Action: Support SD.2157 to Protect MA Residents Internet Security & Privacy

A bill has been introduced in the Massachusetts Senate to prevent telecommunication companies from taking your personal information without written consent. Senate Republican Leader Bruce Tarr says Congress “has created a situation that threatens consumer privacy.” The MA Republican leader decided to act and introduce SD. 2157 in response to federal rollbacks of privacy laws.

Let’s urge our representatives to give their support! To find who your senator and representative is, click here (and add their numbers to your phone).

Action: Go to the Bill and click “Print Preview” to see if your senator and/or representative has signed on to support the bill.  If they have, call and thank them! It’s important they receive positive feedback when they do something we support.

If they haven’t yet signed on, call to ask them to:

SCRIPT: My name is [name] and I am calling to urge [name] to support SD.2157 and protect the privacy rights of MA residents using the internet.  [Feel free to add another sentence about why internet privacy is important to you! Medical records, bank accounts, children’s private information, etc…]

Read more about this bill on The Bellingham Herald.