Update on S.802 Pre-Trial and Bail Reform

UPDATE: Last week, we circulated a call to action on S.802, An Act Relative to Probation Surrender.

This is a bill that a lot of people support because they see it as a way to begin reform on Massachusetts’s bail system, but other organizations like Mass Bail Fund, in particular, don’t support this bill because they support getting rid of cash bail for lower offenses altogether:

“According to Massachusetts Law, bail is meant to ensure that people return to court.  But a group of defense attorneys and social workers noticed that it was instead keeping their clients behind bars.  Many of their clients were spending months or years in jail awaiting the conclusion of their cases simply because they couldn’t afford their bail, sometimes as little as $50.00.  As a result clients were forced out of their homes, jobs, and communities, making effective representation and treatment increasingly difficult.”

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