Support S.802 Pre-Trial and Bail Reform

UPDATE:  This is a bill that a lot of people support because they see it as a way to begin reform on our bail system, but other organizations like Mass Bail Fund, in particular, don’t support this bill because they support getting rid of cash bail for lower offenses altogether.

Please see our full update on this bill before deciding if you want to take action or not. We will have more actions coming soon on the criminal justice crisis facing our community and the need for reform.


In the US roughly 60% of people are jailed without being convicted because they can’t afford bail money and under current law prisoners can’t be released if they don’t have a ride home. These make allowing for proper and equal process within the court system difficult. In affect, these laws limit entire socioeconomic groups to a lack of fair process due to severe financial disadvantage.

WHAT CAN WE DO? Urge your state senators to support S.802! This bill is now in senate committee awaiting a floor vote.



SCRIPT: my name is (name) and I am calling urge senator (name) to support S.802 and begin reform on our bail system. The current system puts large populations at a disadvantage and I hope senator (name) can lend support to this important action.