Action: Form Your Action Team

Chances are, you have friends and family who are upset with the current administration but who have not gotten actively involved in the resistance. Some of your friends and family may live out of state, in fact they may live in key states represented by Republican Members of Congress who actually need to hear from their constituents.

This is where you come in.  Your mission if you so accept it is to start your own personal action team, made up of your like-minded friends and family.

You will create a safe place for them to share thoughts and for you to share easy, concrete actions they can take to affect change.

This Action Team Starter Kit we developed will help you.  Several of our admins have done this already and have found it highly successful and rewarding.  If you have done this already, let us know how it’s been going and give us some tips by reaching out on Twitter to @ActTogetherMA.

Let’s help each other. We’re all in this together; we are stronger together.