Urgent: TODAY Call Moderate Republicans Undecided and Leaning No on AHCA

Today we fight for our lives, and the lives of Americans.  Call the identified moderate Republicans who are undecided or leaning to vote No and tell them to vote NO on the AHCA.

Why moderates? The so-called “Freedom Caucus”…the right wing of the right wing…has forced lots of changed to the bill that may tempt them to vote for it. On the flip side, these same changes may (rightly) make moderates unhappy with it.

The new bill eliminates the requirement that health insurance covers:

  • maternity and newborn care
  • mental health care
  • prescription drugs
  • emergency services
  • wellness visits
  • pediatric care
  • laboratory services, and more.

SCRIPT: Good morning my name is (name) and I am calling today to urge congressman/congresswoman (name) to commit to voting NO on the American Healthcare Act. This act directly undermines our values and dooms millions of Americans to dangerous gaps in healthcare.

TWITTER: Malice NOT mercy! Save healthcare for all. #healthcare @senateGOP @ActTogetherMa (your chosen rep here)

Take our healthcare and we’ll take your seat 2018! . #healthcare @senateGOP @ActTogetherMa (your chosen rep here)

Feel free to also tell those up for reelection in 2018 that you are prepared to actively campaign against them if they cast a yes vote!