Save Our Healthcare!

Call our GOP senators and ask them to vote NO!  Here you can find a list of U.S. Senators. Many have not publicly stated whether or not they will vote NO on this issue but it is a decent indicator based on their records. Please feel free to research other senators or simply call and ask what their position is. When in doubt call any Republican on the list!

Tell your stories. Make a video or write your story about ACA or Medicaid and share on FB or Twitter using #SaveACA #mapoli @SenateGOP @ActTogetherMa

Contact your friends and family in other states and urge them to use their power as a a constituent to join the fight!

SCRIPT: my name is (name) and I am calling as a concerned citizen to urge Senator (name) to vote NO on the current replacement to the affordable care act. This act leaves our most vulnerable open to falling through the cracks as well as cutting funding to those who may need it most.