Action: Support S.1023 The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

Imagine a pregnant woman getting fired from a job as a cashier because she needed to take a couple more breaks a day. Or fired from a retail job because she had a doctor’s note saying she should avoid heavy lifting, even though there were other jobs she could do in the meantime. Or a pregnant bus driver fired for carrying a water bottle, as advised by her doctor. This stuff actually happens.

The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, Mass Senate Bill S.1023, and H.1038, would ensure basic, commonsense protections for pregnant workers, like more frequent/longer breaks, seating, temporary light duty if needed, time off to recover from childbirth, and a private space to pump breast milk after returning to work…all without negative repercussions.

In Sunday’s Globe, MA House Speaker DeLeo stated he “plans to advance the bill…” and our Senate President Rosenberg’s spokesperson said “he supported accommodations for pregnant workers but will wait for the latest bill to go through the committee process before reviewing it in detail and making a final decision.”

“Under this law, pregnant women will be protected from discrimination when it comes to commonsense accommodations like nursing needs and food, water and restroom breaks,” said DeLeo. “And businesses will engage in a collaborative process with their employees to determine effective and reasonable accommodations.” The proposal also seeks to assure that nursing mothers who return to work would be given time and private space to pump breast milk. –

Let’s contact the Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development and email them with our support for the bill. If you have a story to relate to the bill in addition to your support, please include it. Stories do more than data when it comes to making bills happen.

First, email the Chairman Jason Lewis-D (
and Vice Chair Pat Jehlen-D (

Then if you have time, email the other committee members your support for this bill:
Sal DiDomenico-D
Ken Donnelly-D
John Keenan-D
Patrick O’Connor-R

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