Your Massachusetts Senator wants to meet you!

In case you haven’t heard, Massachusetts Senators are taking a tour around the state to host open forums where they can meet and hear from YOU.

This is a BIG DEAL and a GREAT way to have your voice heard.  You can put your name on a list to speak and when you’re called, you’ll have 2 minutes to share your thoughts with all the senators – including the Senate President Stan Rosenberg.

Not sure what to talk about?  Here’s a few ideas:

  • Ask your senators to pass SD.98. “Presidential Tax Returns Bill.” Read more about the bill that could block Donald Trump from the ballot in 2020.
  • Ask your senators about any issue that is important to you. Check out some of the many bills we promoted recently; you can ask your senator to support any of these.

Action Together Massachusetts is challenging you to COMMIT to attending the forum closest to you where your senator is coming.

Bring a friend! There’s power – and support – in numbers.  We encourage you to speak; although that’s not everyone’s cup of tea, this is a really effective venue for voicing your concerns.

Tips for speaking:

  • Write notes on a card, or write a few sentences in your own words to read.
  • Don’t worry about answering questions, your Senators are there to hear you and won’t be challenging your input.

Now that you have a friend to go with, a quick blurb written on SD.98, all you need to know is the date! There are 9 forums being held,  and the full details can be found on the MA Senate Commonwealth Conversations Tour.

  • Jan 31: Metro Boston
  • Feb 7: South Coast
  • Feb 28: South Shore
  • Mar 7: Southeast
  • Mar 14: Central Mass
  • Mar 21: Northeast
  • Mar 28: Western Mass
  • Apr 4: MetroWest
  • Apr 11: North Shore


Lastly, after the event tweet us and tell us on Facebook how it went! And feel really good about yourself for taking real action to help keep Massachusetts blue!