Oppose Bills that Threaten Massachusetts Common Sense Gun Laws

“The National Rifle Association is taking aim at Democratic Attorney General Maura Healey’s enforcement notice clarifying what constitutes a “copy” or “duplicate” weapon under the state’s assault weapons ban.The NRA is urging its supporters to call Massachusetts lawmakers to support two bills challenging the Democratic attorney general’s notice sent to gun sellers and manufacturers last July.” – CBS Boston

Please contact your state senators and ask them to keep our common-sense gun laws in place and oppose these bills.

SD 1157, sponsored by state Senator Don Humason (R- Second Hampden and Hampshire), which would remove the Attorney General’s authority to regulate firearms and would repeal the previous regulations, including common sense requirements to keep a complete record of gun sales and allow the police access to those records at all times.

SD 1889, sponsored by state Senator Anne Gobi (D- Worcester, Hampden, Hampshire and Middlesex), which would eliminate the terms “copies or duplicates of the weapons” from the definition of assault weapon. This would allow for manufacturers to make minor tweaks to banned assault weapons (thereby creating a “copy” of the weapon) and get around the regulations on these weapons.

Find your senators phone numbers and email here: