February 2nd Email Action

We have a couple days left to speak to our legislators about bills we would like them to cosponsor.  You can find your State Representative and State Senator here.  Once you find their email addresses, please send the following email to each of them. Feel free to add additional thoughts within the body of your email. Then, tweet us to let us know you emailed!


Dear [Name of Senator / Representative],

As your constituent, I am asking you to please cosponsor the following bills, which I believe will help protect and improve the lives of people across Massachusetts.

HD 1221 An Act to protect little lungs – This bill would ban smoking in the car when a child is in a car seat.

HD 1584 An Act prohibiting discrimination against adults with disabilities in family and juvenile court proceedings – This bill would make it so that a judge cannot use disability as a factor in determining parental custody. 

HD.1578 An Act relative to the prevention of financial exploitation of the elderly  – It is estimated senior citizens in Massachusetts are financially exploited up to 7000 each year. The fraud statutes do not cover financial exploitation leaving prosecutors will no means to punish or deter this from happening.
HD.1208 An Act relative to reporting sex offender treatment program outcomes by the Miscellaneous CRIME BILLS
HD 1582  An Act relative to the recidivism reducing program reporting by the Commissioner of the Department of Correction – This bill requires that the Commissioner of the DOC produce a report describing the outcomes of programs intended to reduce recidivism so we can determine if the programs are effective or not.

HD.2519 An Act Creating a Special Commission to Study the Effects of Coastal and Ocean Acidification on the Commonwealth’s Fishing Industry and Ocean Environment – This bill creates a commission to study how OA has affected or potentially will affect commercially harvested and grown species along the coast of the Commonwealth and makes recommendations to the State on how to mitigate ocean acidification and protect our fishing industries.

HD – 2386 An Act Establishing a Special Commission on Substance Misuse Treatment – This bill creates a commission to review long-term treatment options for heroin and opioid addiction and make recommendations that prove, through data, to lead to long-term recovery.

HD.1963 An Act Requiring Implicit Bias Training for Law Enforcement Officers – This bill requires law enforcement to take training already in place during their existing annual training on understanding, recognizing and combating the effects of implicit bias.

HD.74 (filed by Speaker Pro Tempore Haddad) An Act for community empowerment – This bill empowers local communities, municipalities or municipal aggregators, to decide which particular renewable energy projects they want to support

HD.3580 An Act protecting workers’ wages from arbitrary recoupment of overpayments – In the event that an employer mistakenly overpays its employees, this bill provides protections for workers and sets a framework for how employers can fairly recoup their payments.

HD.3089 An Act Relative to Massachusetts Participation in the Paris Climate Agreement’s Green House Gas Emission Standards
– This bill ensures that Massachusetts stands in solidarity with the global community to combat climate change.

HD.2387 An Act Relative to Fair Worker Representation on Joint Purchasing Group Committees – This bill provides a basis for labor representation when the government decides to enter into a trust or joint purchasing agreement

HD.3417 – An Act limiting the use of prison labor  – This bill would ensure no inmate or prisoner of any facility governed by this title shall labor outside the boundaries of this Commonwealth.

SD.1904 – An Act protecting inmate safety and the expenditure of state funds

HD.2295 An Act Relative to Assisting Elders and People with Disabilities in the Commonwealth
HD.1113 and SD.1548 An Act Providing a Homeless Bill of Rights/Creating a Bill of Rights for People Experiencing Homelessness
HD.1250 An Act to Further Provide a Rental Arrearage Program
HD.1245 An Act to Protect Families Experiencing Homelessness from Having to Sleep in Unsafe Places
HD.969 An Act to End Child Homelessness
HD.968 An Act to Prevent Homelessness among Recipients of Transitional Assistance
HD.2272 and SD.1467 An Act to Provide Identification to Homeless Youth and Families
Hd.1262 and SD.176 An Act Relative to the Well Being and Care of a Child
SD.1163 An Act Relative to the Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program
More information on some of these bills can be found at the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homelessness Legislative Priorities, and on Representative Fernandes’s website. I would also be happy to find out more information if you require it.
I look forward to hearing back from you.
[City/Town] MA
[Phone number]