Week of Action in Massachusetts: January 30

There’s a LOT of bills being filed right now in Massachusetts. The deadline for cosponsors is Friday February 3rd so it’s important we get as much support (or opposition, in some cases) as possible before Friday.  Since there are a number of bills to pay attention to, we compiled them all here for you to easily take action on them either all at once, or throughout the week as you have time.

Tip: To read the full text of any Senate bill, go to https://malegislature.gov/Bills and type the bill number (e.g. SD.1768) in the search box. If you click “View PDF” you will see the text of the bill AND the list of cosponsors they already for that bill. If your legislator is on there, you can thank them!


Action 1: Email for Co-sponsorship on Progressive Bills

Visit ProgressiveMass.com for a copy/paste email for your Senator and Legislator regarding a list of progressive bills that need cosponsorship.  Email is suggested so legislators have a list in front of them; however we also encourage you to follow up with a phone call.

Action 2: Protect the Health and Rights of Massachusetts Residents

Visit Planned Parenthood Massachusetts to send a form email asking your legislators to support priority bills that protect the health and rights of Massachusetts Residents. Especially important in this one is SD 1768 & HD 2573: An Act Establishing a Family and Medical Leave and Temporary Disability Insurance Program.

Action 3: Email to reverse Governor Baker’s HIV/AIDS funding cuts and support health-related bills

Visit Aids Action Committee and use their form to send an email to your Legislators to reverse Governor Baker’s $4.8M cut to HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C funding and instead fund the line item at $35M. You can also use this form to ask your legislators to cosponsor AAC’s bill and other priority bills.

Action 4: Support Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless Priority Bills

Visit Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless to support bills Preventing Homelessness and Improving Quality of Life for Families, Youth, Elders, and People with Disabilities.  Suggest you copy/paste their list of bills in an email to your legislator, or you can call and read them the numbers and ask for their support.

Action 5: Support SD.1932 An Act transitioning Massachusetts to 100 percent renewable energy

Call your State Senators and ask them to support SD.1932, which mandates that by 2050, the state will phase out the use of fossil fuels from the transportation and heating sectors, replacing such sources with clean energy.

  • Script: Hi, I am ______ from the Town of ____, and I am calling to ask [name of Senator] to co-sponsor SD.1932, “An Act transitioning Massachusetts to 100% renewable energy.” This bill is important because it will eliminate our use of fossil fuel, reduce greenhouse gas emissions which will keep our communities healthier and create local jobs. Thank you!
  • Tweet: [Name of Senator/Representative] as constituent I ask you to support SD.1932 to transition MA to 100% renewable energy by 2050. #mapoli
Action 6: Bill SD.954 (Senate) An Act to Promote and Enhance Civic Engagement – SUPPORT

Call your State Senator and ask them to support SD.954, which supports high-quality, student-centered education for all. For more information see this helpful fact sheet.

  • Script: Hi, I am ______ from the Town of ____, and I am calling to ask [name of Senator] to co-sponsor SD.954, “An Act to Promote and Enhance Civic Engagement.” This bill supports comprehensive, project-based civic education integrated into existing curricula and focused on local communities. I believe it’s important to encourage and teach young people to vote and be involved in their communities. Thank you!


After you take these actions, tweet us @ActTogetherMA! You will have taken action to support 40 important bills in Massachusetts, and we want to thank you!