Action Item: Protect the Health and Rights of Massachusetts Residents

There are many federal laws which protect Massachusetts residents that may be repealed under the new administration.  What can we do? You can tell your Massachusetts lawmakers to protect the health and rights of Massachusetts residents.

Use the easy-to-submit form at the above link or call your state legislators and ask them to support the following:

1. An Act Relative to Advancing Contraception Coverage and Economic Security in Our State (SD 939, HD 450),
Filed by Senator Harriette Chandler, Representative Pat Haddad, and John Scibak
A bill to close current birth control coverage loopholes in the Affordable Care Act and to ensure that all Massachusetts women can continue to access no-copay birth control, regardless of what happens nationally.

2. An Act Relative to Healthy Youth (SD 912, HD 2653)
Filed by Senator Sal DiDomenico, Representative James O’Day, and Paul Brodeur
A bill to ensure that when schools in Massachusetts teach sex ed, they use a curriculum that is medically-accurate, comprehensive, and LGBTQ-inclusive.

3. An Act to Protect Access to Confidential Healthcare (SD 1174, HD 3059)
Filed by Senator Karen Spilka, Representative Kate Hogan
A bill to protect patient confidentiality for those enrolled on their parents’ or partners’ health insurance.

4. An Act Relative to Telemedicine (SD 1182, HD 1056)
Filed by Senator Jason Lewis, Representative John Scibak
A bill to create a strong state telemedicine policy in order to break down barriers to health care access.

5. An Act Establishing a Family and Medical Leave and Temporary Disability Insurance Program (SD 1768, HD 2573)
Filed by Senator Karen Spilka, Representative Ken Gordon
A bill to establish a paid family medical leave and temporary disability policy to help people in Massachusetts take care of themselves and their families.

6. An Act Safeguarding the Health Care Decisions of Young Adults/An Act to Improve the Safety of Young Women (SD 1167, HD 1618)
Filed by Senator Michael Barrett, Representative David Linsky
A bill to ensure young women have access to the health care they need by adjusting the age of consent for abortion to 16, bringing this law in line with other state statutes that give young people age 16 and older the right to consent to prenatal care, mental health services, and other care.