Action Item: Call to Protect Sanctuary Cities

Yesterday, President Trump signed an order that financially punishes sanctuary cities. This will directly affect towns and cities here in Massachusetts. Removal of funding could have a negative impact on police, first responders, grant programs, drug programs, and violence against women programs.

What you can do:

Call your representatives and senators! Let them know that you support sanctuary cities and we need their help in preventing the harm this order could cause. Remind them that 2018 is coming, and that they work for us.

Sign up to attend one of Attorney General Healey’s town halls. She may bear the brunt of this fight, and attending a town hall is a great way to ask her directly how to help. Visit Maura Healey’s Facebook for event information.

Call Senator Warren at 617-565-3170 (Boston office) or 202-224-4543 (DC office)

Call Senator Markey at 617-565-8519 (Boston office) or 202-224-2742 (DC office)

For those outside of MA, you can find your reps and their contact info here.