Oppose the ACA Repeal & Share Personal Stories

As many of you know, the GOP is already preparing the repeal of the ACA. This impacts potentially millions of Americans across every demographic including children and the elderly. As Senator Warren has stated, the GOP has no plan and are ready to “repeal and run.” On her call to us this week she asked that we make a big push between now and inauguration day. So with that in mind…

WHAT CAN I DO?: Call call call our senators! In your home state especially… Republican and Democrat alike. Call Mitch McConnell’s office. Find your senator here. Mitch McConnell’s contact form is here.

WHAT DO I SAY?: Let them know your personal stories. How has ACA helped you or someone you love? Let them know we need an immediate replacement plan if it is repealed!

CAN I TAKE A BIGGER STAND?: Yes! Visit Bernie Sander’s rally page and join the fight!