Action Item: Thank Sanctuary Churches in Brockton, MA

Send a postcard of thanks to Brockton churches offering sanctuary for undocumented immigrants.

A group of faith leaders held a press conference in Brockton on Tuesday to offer “sanctuary churches” as places in the city to shield undocumented immigrants from an impending crackdown in immigration enforcement (source).

Send a postcard(s) to:

(1) Central United Methodist Church, 65 W. Elm St., Brockton MA 02301

(2) Pearl Street United Methodist Church, 415 Pearl St., Brockton MA 02301

(3) Pentecost United Methodist Church, 380 W. Chestnut St. Brockton MA 02301

Why postcards?
The friendly message of support is easy see at a glance. Feel free to keep it simple by writing “Thank you for offering sanctuary for undocumented immigrants!”  – or explain in a sentence or two why their action touched you.