Volunteer with Action Together MA

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Moderate a Facebook Group

Write Calls To Action

Social Media Team

Organize Events

Volunteer Tech Support (website, app/software skills)

Fundraising Committee

Facebook Moderators volunteer in regional, issue based or state groups. They moderate conversations and review posted content ensuring members adhere to guidelines. 

The Call To Action team writes up, calls to action! These can be phone calls to legislators, letters to the editor, petitions, tweets, protests…you name it. Often they respond to emergent issues called to our attention by members. Sometimes it needs to be sought out. Must be thorough with research, have strong writing skills and attention to detail. Experience blogging is a plus but not necessary. 

Our Social Media team formats the Calls to Action or other curated content for each platform we participate on (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn). Graphic design experience is helpful.

Event Organizers can help in regional groups to organize postcard parties, fundraisers, marches, rallies, potlucks…whatever the group is interested in. Many events will have partners or sister events nationwide. 

Tech Support helps run the website, amplify app, assists with CRM if needed. Staying abreast of technical changes to social algorithms and security measures is mandatory. 

The Fundraising Committee does exactly that! We have launched several fundraising projects that need continuous attention and we are ALWAYS looking for new, fresh fundraising ideas. Tried and true works also if you have experience to lend! 

send an email to actiontogetherma@gmail.com if you’d like to volunteer for anything listed here or have other skills to offer!